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Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions

Driver Check with Titan Telemetry is a leading provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management services.


Most often Fleet management is confused with vehicle recovery tracking. Your vehicle recovery and fleet management tracking should be two separate systems. You can’t have the same device serving both purposes, as one of the systems will be compromised, either your security or lack of functionality on the fleet management

  1. Pro-active – Fleet Management, should be used to reduce fuel & amp; vehicle maintenance costs, minimise risk, and have operational control over the fleet, while monitoring driver behavior on a daily basis. For this we recommend the Titan Telemetry Solution as your primary GPS Tracking device.
  2. Re-active – Recovery – The recovery tracking device should be there in the event of a hijacking or stolen vehicle – For this we recommend the Beame as RF tracking device, used expressly for recovery.

The below diagram shows our complete solution for your fleet and peace of mind:


The Titan Telemetry Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution


The fleet management solution not only ensures that you know the location of your vehicle at all times, it gives you an array of tools at your fingertips to manage your fleet.


We focus on Driver Behavior, to reduce your risk. Below are some of our features:

  • Video Capturing system –Actual recordings are triggered by pre-defined events such as high speed, harsh acceleration, stopping at invalid places, goods have not been unloaded with the allowable period, passenger door opening etc. One camera views the road ahead, while another camera views the driver, cabin & the load, and even the fuel tank.
  • Driver Identity Tag – This tag immediately identifies the driver as he gets into the vehicle, ensuring that all data and video footage can be tied back to the correct driver
  • Door Sensors – See if passengers are being picked up
  • Proximity Sensors – Measure your drivers safe driving distance from the vehicles in front of them.
  • Temperature Sensor –Temperature control monitoring is ideal to be used in refrigeration trucks and to ensure that the stock is kept at the correct temperatures.


We also offer flexible software solutions, that is web based and can be accessed anywhere 24/7, and via your mobile too.


For fleets that have 300+ vehicles we have in-house asset tracking solutions, that allow the client to brand the software as their own, install their own telemetry devices, and even offer it as an additional tracking product to add to their income stream.

Driver Check has a Global Footprint with Local Responsiveness

Monitoring your drivers and fleet

  • Enhanced safety
  • Lower costs and lower risk
  • Reduced environmental impact iV lower CO 2 -emmisions
  • Improved driver performance and behaviour
  • Ensured compliance to industry and road regulations