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Driver Monitoring

The Driver Check Driver Monitoring Service offers your company peace of mind when it comes to responsible behaviour by your drivers on South African roads.


We issue participant vehicles with our Driver Check bumper sticker, displaying the 24hour call centre number for motorists to report unsafe driving. We provide owners/fleet managers with statistics and graphs detailing incidents and identifying drivers that need retraining.

How it Works

Once we receive your registration form and list of vehicle registration numbers from your company, we supply you with our Driver Check sticker which is affixed to the rear of your company’s vehicles.


Our 24-hour hotline is manned by trained consultants who will take calls from motorists. They will first diffuse the motorist’s anger, and then document their observations of the incident. This incident report is emailed to the owner/fleet manager, to be reviewed and discussed with drivers exhibiting unsafe driving habits. The reports are also stored in the Driver Check register which is accessible to you via the internet, using your unique password.

Monthly Reporting

Driver Check supplies you with monthly statistics and graphs showing driving trends. Drivers who require additional training and/or counselling are easily identified.


  • Paper/audit trail of all incidents, full history on record
  • Saves lives – Reduces accidents because drivers are aware that they are operating in a supervised environment.
  • Risk management – Proactive positive adjustment to unsafe driving habits through retraining/counselling results in risk reduction.
  • Retain Employees – Positive recognition for your professional drivers and a reduction in driver turnover costs.
  • Save Money – Studies by major insurance companies reported that if properly utilized, driver monitoring programs lower accident rates by as much as 50%, which results in insurance premium savings.
  • Driver Training – Use the statistics to motivate and monitor effects of driver training and counselling.
  • Management tool – Use the graphs and statistics to manage your drivers. Decide who needs training or retraining, disciplinary actions, or recognition.
  • Enhance your Public Image – The sticker shows that your company cares about safety on our roads. Better driver behaviour also maintains a good public image for your brand.