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Driver Check Press Releases

Press Releases


  • Right Side Up reduces road incidents with Driver Check fleet monitoring
    20120611Right Side Up Distribution, a national logistics company established in 2005, has successfully implemented the Driver Check fleet monitoring solution and substantially reduced its road incident rate.

    Brian Mallinson, Right Side Up Distribution operations director, explains: “With hubs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, we have vehicles all over the country at any given time, making it difficult to know what our drivers are doing on the roads. Although we occasionally did receive calls from motorists to report incidents, it was usually after the fact, and then there were always two versions – the motorist’s version and our driver’s version, without any way to verify the truth.


  • Slabbert Burger Enhances an Integrated Approach to Fleet Safety with Driver Check driver monitoring
    20111007Based in Wellington in the Cape, Slabbert Burger Transport’s fleet of 400 trucks and 600 trailers services the Southern African region as far north as Zambia. In a drive to increase road safety within the fleet, Slabbert Burger has implemented the Driver Check driver monitoring solution to extend the reach of their integrated road safety approach.
    Schalk Bruwer, Slabbert Burger risk manager, explains: “Putting the Driver Check sticker on our vehicles is a great idea. We need eyes on the road from independent third parties throughout the region. We have a large fleet to manage, and we cannot be everywhere. By engaging the public we are experiencing that our fleet can be monitored more effectively.”
  • Affordable Risk Management by means of Driver Monitoring
    20110831The 2010 State of Logistics Survey published by the CSIR noted that ‘transportation carrier failure’ was one of the top 10 supply chain risks faced in South Africa, together with raw material supplier failure, finished goods failure, product quality failure and the impact of the economic recession. It also shows that the cost of logistics in South Africa forms a significantly higher proportion of GDP than international benchmarks – it was at 13,5% of GDP in 2009.
  • Driver Behaviour Statistics – How Does Your Fleet Compare?
    20110801Driver Check, a company dedicated to improving road safety by offering a 24/7 call centre for fleet owners, has announced the results of the last six months of driver monitoring on the roads in South Africa. Statistics show that the top five types of incidents called in by motorists include dangerous road use, unsafe driving, speeding, unsafe passing, and going through red traffic lights.
  • Driver Monitoring Solutions Reduce Fleet Insurance and Maintenance Costs
    20110705With the continuing emphasis on road safety in South Africa, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of driver monitoring solutions in order to reduce the accident rate for fleet owners. Companies are realising that driver training and monitoring are absolute necessities in order to reduce the accident rate, save lives, and reduce insurance excess costs.Gail Robertson, marketing director of Driver Check, explains: “With dramatically increasing fleet management costs, fleet owners are investigating a myriad of ways to reduce their costs. Many of our clients reported that they had tried implementing driver monitoring in-house, but a lack of co-ordination in dealing with incoming calls from motorists, as well as a lack of systems and procedures to follow up on complaints, had rendered these efforts largely ineffective.”
  • CrossRoads Distribution Chooses Driver Check Driver Monitoring Solution
    20110525Crossroads Distribution, specialising in logistics solutions and supply chain management for blue chip clients in agriculture, commerce, mining and a number of diverse manufacturing industries, has implemented the Driver Check driver monitoring solution for their fleet of carriers as part of their internal road safety campaign.Zipho Makhoba, GM National Linehaul, comments: “The decision was driven by the internal workplace road safety campaign which Crossroads Distribution started in 2008, and which was relaunched in 2010. The aim of the campaign is to reduce accidents by any means possible.”
  • RTMS as a guideline for the Corporate Responsibility for Road Safety
    20110418The RTMS is an industry-led voluntary self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors and road transporters to implement a management system that preserves road infrastructure, improves road safety and increases productivity. Its key components are load optimisation, driver wellness, vehicle maintenance and productivity.
  • Shipping and General Uses Driver Check to Monitor Safe Driving of Fleet Vehicles
    20110316Shipping and General, a specialist supplier of transport services to SA’s largest clearing and forwarding agents, importers and exporters, has contracted Driver Check to provide a driver monitoring solution for its fleet vehicles. The Driver Check solution involves motorists in the monitoring process by providing all vehicles with stickers showing the toll free number of the 24-hour call centre for reporting bad driving incidents on the roads.
  • Woollies Online Shopping Deliveries Get a Road Safety Boost with Driver Check
    20110114Niche Logisitics, a company specialising in upmarket home deliveries for Woolworths Online Shopping, has embarked on a road safety initiative and contracted Driver Check to monitor its fleet on the road. Through the agreement, Driver Check provides “How is My Driving” stickers for all fleet vehicles, a 24/7 Call Centre number for motorists to report incidents, as well as month end reports on all calls received.


  • Bus Centre Lines Enhances Safety of Children in Transit
    20101126Bus Centre Lines, a bus hire company serving the schools and corporate market on the East Rand, has implemented the Driver Check monitoring system to ensure that their drivers are behaving in a responsible manner at all times while transporting school children and adults.
  • Crown Relocations Reduces Fleet Maintenance Costs
    20101026Crown Relocations, a member of Crown Worldwide Group specialising in relocations, records management, logistics and fine arts transport, has implemented the Driver Check monitoring solution, and is achieving success in its drive towards reducing the accident rate within the fleet, and with it, their fleet maintenance costs. From March to September this year, the company has experienced a significant downward trend in the accident rate, specifically a drop in incidents where other parties have collided with Crown vehicles.
  • Karan Beef Uses Driver Check to Ensure Livestock Safety While in Transit
    20100923Karan Beef, owners of the single largest feedlot in the world, have engaged Driver Check to monitor its fleet vehicles through the 24-hour call centre. After completing a 6 month pilot with 20 vehicles from Karan Beef’s City Deep Sales and Distribution centre, the statistics and reports showed very positive results, and the entire fleet has now gone onto the Driver Check vehicle monitoring solution.
  • MIDAS Reduces Insurance Costs with Driver Check Monitoring Solution
    20100823MIDAS, the well known vehicle parts and accessories retail chain, has implemented the Driver Check monitoring solution, and after 10 months of operation, has had a noticeable reduction in the number of accidents and a corresponding reduction in insurance excess costs.
  • BEX Reduces Accident Rate with Driver Check Monitoring
    20100730Business Express (BEX), a local courier company specializing in the fast and secure distribution of documents and goods, has opted for the Driver Check driver monitoring solution in its drive to reduce its fleet’s accident rate. BEX offers a wide range of courier, air freight and road freight services from 10 regional centres, and has an extensive fleet of vehicles of varying sizes on the South African roads.
  • Gail Robertson – A Passion for Road Safety
    20100714″I have a passion for road safety. I believe there is an ongoing need in this country for education and awareness, and that fleet owners need to be aware of fleet integrity,” says Gail Robertson, one of the few women in the transport industry today. As sales director of Driver Check, a driver monitoring solution offering vehicle stickers and a 24-hour call centre, Gail is responsible for interacting with trucking fleet owners and managers on a national basis.
  • SAB Enhances Responsiveness with Driver Check Monitoring
    20100630Driver Check has been awarded the contract for the driver monitoring solution for SAB’s Isando depot, under which 67 vehicle stickers will be placed on the SAB delivery trailers and fixed rigs in order to enable the public to provide feedback on driver behaviour on the roads. The 24]hour Driver Check call centre will provide instant incident notification, as well as monthly statistics for the SAB fleet.
  • Heartbeat Monitors Vehicles Distributing Donated Items with Driver Check
    20100630Driver Check has donated vehicle decals and 24 hour monitoring services for the fleet of Heartbeat vehicles, an NGO offering support to AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in the community. The vehicles are primarily used for the distribution of donated food parcels and gifts to the community, in 7 of our 9 provinces.
  • N E Carriers Strengthens Safety Focus, particularly with sub-contracted fleets
    20100608North East Carriers (N E Carriers), a member of the IMPERIAL Logistics Group, is a leading logistics company that provides specialised transport solutions across southern Africa. It has recently enhanced the safety of its fleet through a newly implemented Driver Check monitoring system. The system enables N E Carriers to strictly control its driving behaviour, including that of its large sub-contractor base.
  • Haulcon Reduces Fleet Risk through Driver Training and Monitoring
    20100506Haulcon, a speciality short and long-haul tanker transportation company, is pioneering fleet risk reduction by means of a combination of Shayela Approved driver training and the Driver Check driver monitoring solution. The plan has been implemented as a result of joint insurance planning with Econorisk and Santam, and will offer significant insurance savings through better fleet risk management.
  • Imperial Cargo Solutions Enhance Driver Management Driver Check
    20100331Imperial Cargo Solutions implemented the Driver Check driver monitoring solution in August last year in order to engage the public in providing feedback on driver behaviour on the roads. Vehicles are identified by the Driver Check bumper sticker, and incidents of good or bad driving are reported by motorists to a 24-hour call centre. After 7 months of statistics, the company is seeing a marked improvement in the management of their fleet through accurate feedback of incidents as well processes to proactively intervene by means of driver training.
  • Driver Check Recovers Hi-Jacked Trailer
    20100228On Tuesday 1 December, First Class Logistics, a national transport company, hired out a trailer to a sub-contractor who loaded the trailer with a cargo of tinned foodstuffs in Johannesburg. En route to its destination, the rig had a mechanical problem and the driver pulled over, and notified the transporter. The driver was advised to wait for the mechanical team who would arrive first thing the next morning.

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